Who We Are:

The Greater Boston Association of Convenience Stores (GBACS) is a new membership organization that was established to help convenience store owners strengthen their businesses and increase their positive impact on their communities.



What We Do:

We recognize that convenience stores are important businesses that hire locally and contribute to the local economy. However, these kind of small businesses often tend to have unique needs that can be overlooked by the larger business community.Stores face many challenges in today’s economy that can be difficult for individual owners to tackle on their own.

GBACS aims to bring stores to together and harness the power of groups to address many of these challenges. Our goal is to go beyond just hosting meetings but to actively help stores achieve success by increasing efficiency and cost-savings, offering professional training and business development assistance, and providing opportunities for networking with peer business owners.

Membership is open to convenience stores and neighborhood markets that are interested in improving business operations, and are committed to improving their communities through their business as well as to businesses that are interested in supporting convenience stores.