Our goal is to support neighborhood food markets and convenience stores in a number of ways. We want to work with store owners to identify those services that our members feel as most important and valuable to them. Potential services include:

Cost savings and Business Enhancements

  • Bulk purchasing. By working together, GBACS can harness the power of bulk purchasing. We can increase bargaining power and negotiate costs savings with vendors for equipment, food, and other needs stores have to enhance their business.
  • Sales and inventory tracking.We can help with purchasing and implementation of a point of sale system that helps track sales and decrease waste and loss.
  • Energy Efficiency. We will work with local energy providers such as National Grid and Eversource on your behalf to access resources to increase energy efficiency and save money.
  • Accounting and Human Resources.GBACS will connect you to state of the art systems that can help you develop or improve human resources, payroll, and health insurance and other employee benefits
  • TA from Business Students. Massachusetts has many great business schools. GBACs will partner with these schools to connect local business management students that can provide support and assistance to store owners.

Support Navigating Federal, State and Local Laws

GBACS knows there are many laws and regulations at the federal, state and municipal level that can impact convenience stores. We will help members understand all applicable laws and ensuring they are in compliance.

Professional Training and Technical Assistance

New and experienced convenience store and owners can benefit from increased knowledge, skills, and awareness that help them manage their stores. GBACS will help store owners access professional development and training opportunities in business planning such as:

  • Accessing loans, grants, and small business technical assistance resources
  • Merchandising, promotion and marketing
  • Community relationship development
  • Succession planning; and
  • Human resource planning

Peer Networks

GBACS will provide store owners with opportunities to network, support colleagues, identify and discuss specific problems, build skills, and stay current on issues in the industry.

Supporting Healthy Market Initiatives and Transitions

We recognize that many convenience stores are interested in the wellbeing of their communities and are offering healthy foods. Stores that accept Women, Infant and Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits also help more customers buy these products. The process of becoming WIC and SNAP certified can be burdensome and confusing. GBACS can assist stores by providing support and guidance for completing the WIC and SNAP application process. GBACS can also provide guidance on complying with regulations for other healthy market elements, such as preventing sale of tobacco to underage youth.We will also support stores in expanding their healthy food offerings.

Additional Benefits to Come

As the association develops, we will continue to look for and incorporate benefits that support stores owners.